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Moscow Metro Subway Art

The Moscow Metro, which spans almost the entire Russian capital, is the world's second most heavily used rapid-transit system. Opened in 1935, it is well known for the ornate design of many of its stations, which contain outstanding examples of socialist realist art.

In total, the Moscow Metro has 292.2 km (181.6 miles) of route length, 12 lines and 177 stations; on a normal weekday it carries over 7 million passengers. Passenger traffic is considerably lower on weekends bringing the average daily passenger traffic during the year to 6.8 million passengers per day. The Moscow Metro is a state-owned enterprise.

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2009 said...

Only three last photos it is Moscow, the others Ukraine. They do not have money that all shined a granite and a marble as in the Moscow underground. Close advertising peeled walls.

Anonymous said...

It's not Art!!! It's publicity EVERYWHERE!!!! I find it stupid to put some Pub. everywhere like this because it encourage us to live most of our live buying stuff. Imagine work, work, work, buy, buy, bye, work,..... Even restaurants and grossery stores makes us buy, buy, buy... F*$%K!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your right! I like only the three last pics!!!

mbreti3gut said...

huh, very interesting

Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs!

Anonymous said...


Dear Sirs... PFFT!

Anonymous said...

I hate to disappoint you but most of these photos are of the Kyiv (Kiev) underground Metro in Ukraine. I'm a resident of Moscow and frequent traveler to Kyiv.

As a Russian speaker will also point out that much of the advertising is in the Ukrainian language and not Russia.

Moscow has never permitted advertising past the escalators going down into the Metro. Once you approach the train platform areas, all advertising disappears.

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