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Dirty Car Window Art

These incredible artworks belong to Scott Wade.

Scott Wade is a talented is a talented graphic designer, from Wimberley, Texas, who loves to get his hands dirty. He paints all kinds of pictures in the back of his and his wife’s car, using only his fingers, dust and a few brushes. From the Mona Lisa to the portrait of Albert Einstein, Wade has created a series of artworks that have often stopped traffic.

He says people often gather around their cars when they go out, just to admire the beauty and detail of his art. Some get out of their vehicles at a red light and take pictures of his car.

Mr. Wade doesn’t drive his cars on a dirt track to get it dirty enough. Instead he uses oil, a special kind of dirt and a hair dryer to spread it across the windows. This takes him about 10 minutes, instead of seven days of driving through the dirt.

Working with dust means his masterpieces are destroyed whenever it rains, but Scott Wade views that as an opportunity to create even more impressive artworks. You have to admit it’s a lot more impressive than writing “wash me” on a car window.

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Anonymous said...

Well, since nobody else said anything. Good job! You are a real artist. m(8_8)m

Nisk said...

That is absolutely amazing! So good I even thought it was photoshoped (I'd love to see what you can do in that!) at times! Keep up the great work (hey as long as people don't wash their cars) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your Art is amazing!

x.coe said...

Your technical skills are apparent, and I love the variety of art historical, literary, and pop culture references. I especially like the transient nature of it: reminiscent of Buddhist sand paintings. Glad you've documented it and shared it with us.

Emily said...

Rock on!

By the way, I can't comment in Firefox because the word verification gets cut off and there is no way to post. I'm using Opera right now.

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