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Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Celebrities think they're so beautiful. Well, let's see how they look without their most sacred feature: eyebrows.

Charlie Sheen

Justin Timberlake

Anne Hathaway

David Arquette


Jessica Alba

Jack White

Leonardo DiCaprio

Natalie Portman

Robert Pattison

Olsen Twins

Sarah Jessica Parker

James Franco

Halle Berry

Heidi Klum

Lenny Kravitz

Nick Lachey

Kylie Minogue

Frida Kahlo

Jimi Hendrix

Shia Lebouf

Christina Aguilera

Marilyn Manson

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Daniel Radcliffe

Lindsay Lohan

Muammar Gaddafi

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Justin Bieber

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